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Monday, April 19, 2010

Setlist: Whitney Houston, O2 Dublin, 17 April 2010

Whitney had to be ferried in from the UK to play her sold-out Dublin nights, and not even a volcano could stop her. I was in the pub watching the soccer on Saturday and overheard a woman complain that Whitney was on the front of the Sun because she had to take the ferry "millions of people take the ferry ever day, what makes her so important that she's on the front of the paper?" A. Irish Ferries wish it was millions, and B. It's Whitney baby! Here's the setlist from her first Dublin gig at the O2, not far from the port at all... (Note I might be missing a few tracks, if I am, let me know in the comments section below.)

For the Lovers
I Look To You
It's Not Right
A Song For You
No Other Man's Gonna Do
Saving My Love For You
Greatest Love of All
All At Once
I Learned From the Best
I Love the Lord
I Wanna Dance / How Will I Know?
I Will Always Love You
Million Dollar Bill
I'm Every Woman

Watch 'I Wanna Dance With Somebody' from the O2 Dublin:

1 comment:

carol said...

i taught whitney houston was better then people made hur out to be. i think it was so un very for hur management to but hur on stage if they new she was unwell. i am a great fan of hurs and she could of be better i was glad to get to see hur. and i know that there was a lot of fans that was not happy because of the price the payed to see hur.