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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Yesterday I Listened to #2

Bell x1 - Blue Light on the Runway

Bell X1 - Blue Lights on the Runway

Well at least the single 'The Great Defector', which is as close to Talking Heads as you'll ever get. Even moreso than David Byrne's album with Brian Eno last year. It's a great little song, but it's not the direction I had hoped for. They'll never make an album as good as their first two. Totally different records than this or the last one, Flock, but both are oh, so good.

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit

Check out a post from a few days back for a download to the first track from this. I've listened to that song, 'Seven Mile Island' endlessly since I've got it, and it could well prove to be the song of the year. Incredible.

Duncan Sheik - Whisper House

I'm a Duncan Sheik fan, I love almost everything he does to some amount. Well, some of it is just okay, but I still really like it. I'm not sure yet, but this could be his finest work since Daylight.

I am Not Lefthanded - Yes Means No

Excellent mini-album that was released last year, but I've waited until 2009 to hear. It really is good, and if the band, now based in London, but from Ireland originally (well some of them), can keep this up, they'll be massive. A great little record.

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