Swear I'm not Paul: Setlist: Glen Hansard, Whelan's, 08 February 2009

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Setlist: Glen Hansard, Whelan's, 08 February 2009

Thanks again to Peter from 2UIBestow for the setlist.

Glen came onstage before the main star, Mark Dignam, but had some technical difficulties with the guitar so sat on the stage and acoustically sang the following without a mic:

Back Broke,
Raglan Road.

Peter said the gig was lovely, and was like the Whelan's of old.


Jo said...

Ah God. That sounds like being sixteen again to me. Wish I'd been there.

Ronan said...

Me too. Raging I missed it. Sounds like it would've been right up my alley. And I knew Glen would be there and everything. I even posted about it!