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Monday, May 4, 2009

Album News: The Very Most - Summer EP

The Very Most - Summer EP

Indiecater records have announced the release of The Very Most's second EP of the year. To follow on from their Spring EP, they're releasing Summer. Wonder will it be Fall or Autumn next.

It comes at a great price of two euro fifty, yes 2.50, and can be bought here:

I also have a sample of the Very Most - 'You're in Love with the Summer' so you can try before you buy. But at two fifty, what choice do you have?

The Very Most - 'You're in Love with the Sun'


mp3hugger said...

Ireland 1 - USA 0

It'll be called Autumn!

Jeremy said...

The next EP is "Autumn." From what I understand "Fall" isn't used much outside the US, so I decided to go with something everyone could relate to. I'm sure the word "Fall" will be all throughout the lyrics though.

Ronan said...

Excellent, thanks for the clarification. I just thought Fall might have confused some of your listeners. Which sometimes can be a good thing.

Jeremy said...

Oh, man, Kevin, now that you've made it a nationalistic thing, I may just have to strike a blow for American pride and change my mind on that title. :)

Ronan said...

You could always compromise and call it the Autumn Falls EP...