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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Live Blog: Britain's Got Talent 2009 Final

When I say Britain, you say talent. Sadly DJ Talent is nowhere to be seen, although I read during the week that he was on The Friday Night Project with Kanye West before. Sadly I couldn't find a clip. I continue searching.

Anyhow, I'm live blogging the final of Britain's Got Talent. Will any act get the dreaded red x? Highly doubt it, although I may want to never see some of them again after tonight.

18:52 Flawless opened the show and lived up to their name. A great performance from them, very inventive. Leaves me very excited for what Diversity will bring later. Cannot wait.

19:00 Shaheen Jafar from Aladdin Goalie. He's the second favourite after our Susan, or SuBo as she's known in the tabloids. He's not one of my favourites. Decent singer, but not as amazing as the seal Amanda Holden lets on.

19:10 Back from the ads. 2009's George Sampson is on next. He could well be better. He's guaranteed to have a better personality though. Too much camera trickery for my liking, felt a bit too choreographed and not natural enough. Very disappointing. Simon is dead right, he was much better in the auditions.

19:16 Two Grand. I do actually have a soft spot for these two. People like this make BGT. The granddad seems like a really humble fella. And unlike some of those tools on X Factor, he's genuine when he talks about his wife. He's disappointing tonight. She's a great singer. Next time he sings, he's getting a red X from me! Pity.

19:28 I do not like this girl one bit. I don't like listening to her. I don't like looking at her. And I don't like all that crap that went on last night. Big Red X. Oh and if she wins because of that crap last night I will stab someone in the face with a broken bottle. Skanger style.

19:35 Stavros Flatley on next. Everybody's favourite. Forget Susan Boyle, these are what this show is about. Hilarious. Will they be hilarious tonight? Can they do something new? Oh the Riverdance touch is fantastic. Loving this. So so much. Stavros FTW. Everyone on their feet. Got to love that.


19:47 Back after more ads. Sean is on now. How can he follow that? Good singer, but wouldn't the X Factor be a better show for him? Bit of deja vu with this song. I hate that too. Can he not sing something else? It was like George Sampson last year doing the same performance in the semis and final. Shouldn't be allowed.

19:52 SuBo SuBo SuBo! Can't understand what she's saying though. Ha. Can anyone? Her semi was just good, not great. Can she be back to brilliant again? I like the way you can hear her Scottish accent through it all. And it was great. Good woman Susan. Piersy Baby! I still think Paul Potts is better though. Piersy baby did love her. What were the boos about though? Like Shaun though, they should've had her sing a different song.

20:05 Diversity. My favourite dance troupe. So inventive. They were brilliant both times so far. Can't wait to see what they do. Such a well choreographer routine. Very imaginative. Piers preferred Flawless. Doesn't really matter. Neither group were the best dancers. That was Stavros.

20:12 Julian Smith. The saxamophone player. He looks like a musician. "He belives he's a loser" Simon said. What? He's not Susan. He's the final act. I found him a bit boring both times I've seen him. Tonight didn't change my opinion. And that's all the acts. We can't text from Ireland, but it's obvious who I'd vote for.

Belly's Got Talent.

20:22 The recap shows the sheer talent on display tonight, some great singers, some great dancers, one hilarious duo, and two sub-par performances. But you know that already. Care to make some wagers on who'll win?

I'll be back for the results show later...

21:30 Back on air. Can Stavros win it? probably not. It'll be SuBo, right?

21:52 Diversity, Julian Smith and of course, Susan Boyle are the top three. Didn't see Julian making it, but he's came third anyhow.

21:54 Final 2. I knew I should've bet on Diversity each way at 16-1 earlier. The winner...

21:55 DIVERSITY! No Susan. She must be raging. No Piersy baby. They deserved to win. 16-1. Damn you all to hell. They were the most talented on the night though. I wanted Stavros to win, but they were just funny. Diversity were fantastic. So fantastic all the way through. Congratulations.

21:57 Performing again as the winners this time. The final results show was a bit anticlimatic. They should've brought DJ Talent back. Or some of the past entrants, like we saw in Britain's Got More Talent during the break. But the best act did win. Deserved winners.

And I'm out. Til 2010...

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