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Monday, August 31, 2009

Download: The Frames - Here Comes the Night Bootleg

The Frames - Here Comes the Night back cover

On the FAQ on the Frames official website, Question 6 asks "Where can I get the 'Here Comes the Night' recording?" Unfortunately, the link provided no longer exists. The new answer would be that you can get it right here!

For those of you who don't know, Here Comes the Night was a live sessions show on Today FM that ran from 1997 to 2002. The Frames played the show on New Year's Eve night in 2001 and marked the show's climax.

The picture above comes from the back cover of the CD version of the Frames bootleg. I hope you enjoy this bootleg. It features some marvellous covers. The Van Morrison opener is fantastic.

1. Into the Mystic (4:18)
2. He's a Mighty Good Leader (3:51)
3. All Tomorrow's Parties (5:36)
4. Santa Maria (7:00)
5. Lay Me Down (4:15)
6. Will the Circle Be Unbroken (4:23)
7. Listen Girl (4:10)
8. Friends (5:23)
9. Spencer the Rover (2:11)
10. Jesus' Blood Never Saved Me Ye (2:36)
11. Revelate (4:50)
12. Buzzin Fly (6:45)
13. You Ain't Going Nowhere (3:31)
14. Instrumental (4:02)
15. Races (4:04)
16. Astral Weeks (8:29)
17. Young Hearts Run Free (3:58)
18. New Partner (3:55)
19. Star Star (6:14)
20. Red Chord (8:01)

Full show

The Frames - Here Comes the Night cover

1 comment:

IndieLimerick said...

sweet deal! great post, I remember watching this live me thinks? when everyone joined them on stage at the end, including a guy dressed up as a shower