Swear I'm not Paul: Live Review: The Holy Roman Army, Twisted Pepper, 17 October 2009

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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Live Review: The Holy Roman Army, Twisted Pepper, 17 October 2009

The Holy Roman Army just get better and better. If you haven't checked out their excellent debut album How the Light Gets In, I suggest you do immediately. Their live show is just as fantastic. Although there were a few sound issues on Saturday night at Twisted Pepper for HWCH, they still played their hearts out. I was hoping for a bit of 'Stagger Gently Home', but as it was for Hard Working Class Heroes 09, the set was a short one. They opened with the jaggedy 'Berlin' and thus found their groove early on. 'Caught in the Wire' was a definite highpoint, with Laura's vocals really soaring. Chris really gave it his all on 'Dublin in the Deadlight', a beautiful funky tune, even better in a live arena. Closer 'Elegy' seemed effortlessly gorgeous, and is a match for anything Animal Collective or Grizzly Bear have out there. I recommend you see them if you have the opportunity.

1. Berlin
2. Caught in the Wire
3. Dublin in the Deadlight
4. How The Light Gets In
5. Elegy

Here's the band playing earlier on Saturday at Road Records:


Peter N said...

Hey Ronan I have a video clip from that gig I'll be putting onto youtube soon. I'll send you on the link!

Ronan said...

Thanks Peter!