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Monday, October 26, 2009

Review: X Factor 2009 Live Finals Week 3

It was Big Band week this week on X Factor. Always a terrible idea every year, as Big Band is a very niche genre, and people who buy swing records aren't the same people who buy pop singles. That said, Michael Bublé (or Bubble to you and me) was this week's mentor, so you've got to do what you got to do...

First up on Saturday's live show was Olly Murs doing TV theme tune 'Bewitched'. It was a clever song choice with this being Hallowe'en week, and Olly performed his usual cheeky chappy routine. It'd be interesting to see him try something a bit more adventrous. That won't happen next week for Rock Week either. Hmmm.

Lloyd sang Sinatra standard 'Fly Me to the Moon', a very safe choice from Cheryl after the backlash she received last week, when Rikki was voted off. Lloyd has very much reached his peak, and shows no signs of improvement whatsoever. What the backflip was about, I just don't know.

Miss Frank also attempted Sinatra, singing 'That's Life' with a little rap interlude that they do in every single song. They were much improved this week, and their urban Sinatra actually worked far better than expected. No doubt we'll see a future single from them, post X Factor. (The song above is their Singoff tune, 'We Don't Live Here Anymore').

My least favourite Rachel Adedeji sang 'Proud Mary' which is anything but a Big Band song. What next 'Sweet Home Alabama?', well, something else, but we'll get to that in a minute. Rachel should have been kicked off last week, and it's a shame she's there for yet another week. And what was that dance about when she got through?

U2 are a big band, but they're definitely not Big Band. So what was Simon doing picking 'Angel of Harlam' for Jamie 'Afro' Archer? This time I definitely agree with Louis. Terrible song choice, but even still, his attempt at it was awful. Should've been in the bottom two.

Perry Stacey Solomon took on Pinocchio theme 'When You Wish Upon A Star' which was quite fitting. She did a decent attempt on it, but as soon as the song is over, the car crash happens. She should only be allowed to sing, and never talk on the show.

Danyl Johnson took on Muse's version of Nina Simone classic 'Feeling Good' and provided the exact same performance as he has every other week this series (it's season 6 by the way). Luckily the public saved him ahead of Miss Frank, but he's very much a one-trick-pony.

After Sunday's live results show, Joe McElderry has now become the bookies' favourite to win X Factor 2009. He sang Dean Martin's 'Sway' and again did a very credible performance. However, whether Rock Week will suit him or not remains to be seen.

My personal favourite, Lucie Jones sang 'My Funny Valentine' and was very much in femme fatale mode. It was classy and understated, and bound to please any actual big band fans who may have been watching. Still my tip to win it.

Last but not least was John and Edward, the terrible twins from Dublin. Their performance was met with some pantomine boos, but Ricky Martin's 'She Bangs' was given a whole new lease of life by Louis one remaining act.

Michael Bublé was the mentor for this week and sang the Arthur Hamilton standard 'Cry Me a River' (nothing to do with Justin Timberlake's song of the same name) from his most recent album Crazy Love. He's a fantastic singer and gave a wonderful performance.

Westlife were the live guests this week, playing 'What About Now' from their new album Where We Are. The song is a cover of a Daughtry song, who himself was a finalist on American Idol.

The group performance this week was Alphabeat's 'Fascination' which was more fascinating for the costumes rather than the singing. I like the way John and Edward had to do the talkie bit too!

Rock Song Week is next week, with Jon Bon Jovi as mentor, and JLS as (cough) musical guests. Wonder will they keep their shirts on? I really hope they do.


Lottie said...

Miss Frank? W.T.F was that "rap interlude". Bad bad decision. Up until that they were doing pretty good.

Ronan said...

They won't get a chance to do that any more. Probably would've done Linkin Park/Jay Z next week had they stayed in.

Jimmy Jangles said...

Angel of Harlem was about singers who may have sung big band songs? e.g. Billie Holiday?...

Proud Mary - Tina Turner did a 'big band' version.... still your point was it's a CCR song write?

Ronan said...

'Charlie Manson Blues' by the Flaming Lips is about Charles Manson, but that doesn't make it a serial killer.

As for the Turner cover, I can concede that point. But definitely not the 'Angel of Harlem' one.