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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Album News: Sam Amidon - I See the Sign

Some artists start off good and then hit a rough patch, however Sam Amidon is the exception to most rules, he gets better and better with each album. I See the Sign will be his fourth album, and comes out on March 1st, 2010. It's an album of traditional folkie tunes, and even includes a duet with Neko Case. Nice! You can also sample an mp3 of the opener 'How Come that Blood' below.

01 How Come That Blood
02 Way Go Lily
03 You Better Mind
04 I See the Sign
05 Johanna the Row-di
06 Pretty Fair Damsel
07 Kedron
08 Rain and Snow
09 Climbing High Mountains
10 Relief
11 Red

Sam Amidon - 'How Come that Blood'


Anonymous said...

4th album?

chicken, all is well and now the new one. Three? What's the fourth?

Anonymous said...

Solo Fiddle Music ... got my copy from CD Baby