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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Album News: The Hold Steady - Heaven is Whenever

The Hold Steady

The Hold Steady (sans Franz Nicolay) will be releasing the follow up to Stay Positive on May 4th. It's called Heaven is Whenever, and is a "much more dynamic record than anything they've done".

Guitarist Tad Kubler also had the following to say about the album "This album is sonically more diverse. And I really believe it exposes new elements of the band that we hinted at on other records but weren't able to fully realize until this one. Rather than just concentrate on changes in instrumentation, we made changes to the song writing process. And this helped everyone to experiment not only with their own instrument and where they should play, but where they shouldn't. This record doesn't feel as dense. It feels more spacial. We weren't trying to get a dozen different ideas on a song."

Frontman Craig Finn added: "The lyrics speak a lot about struggle and reward. Its about embracing suffering and understanding its place in a joyful life. I think that some of the characters from old records are there, but I don't name them by name. I think it continues to examine the highs and lows that we've looked at on previous records."

Read the full press release here:

1 The Sweet Part of the City
2 Soft in the Center
3 The Weekenders
4 The Smidge
5 Rock Problems
6 We Can Get Together
7 Hurricane J
8 Barely Breathing
9 Our Whole Lives
10 A Slight Discomfort


Jamie said...

Is it May yet? This news has made my day. Awesome on every level.

Ronan said...

Supposedly some people have heard this, and it's totally different from all the Hold Steady's previous stuff. Even some Dixieland Jazz on there!

Davide8 said...

im listenin to it right now...
i think its good. More guitar, more rock attitude, less keyboards (even cuz of nicolays departure). Anyway, im still thinkin of Boys an Girls in America...this brand new album is cool, but not as cool as that one.
A couple of inspired songs can enter in the tracklist durin concerts (Sweet part of the city - Weekenders - Smidge [which has a damn hot riff] - Hurricane J)....well actually more than a couple....
pretty good album, ill review it with 3 stars out of 5....
frankly i expected i lil better from the Steady but this is anyway a good album.