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Friday, June 18, 2010

Album News: Eels - Tomorrow Morning

Mister E must be the most prolific artist around, it seems every month I'm posting news of a new Eels album. The latest of which is Tomorrow Morning. It's due out on August 24th and ends the trilogy of albums that started with El Hombre Loco. End Times was a pretty good album, so hopefully part 3 of 3 can keep the trend going.

01 “In Gratitude For This Magnificent Day”
02 “I’m A Hummingbird”
03 “The Morning”
04 “Baby Loves Me”
05 “Spectacular Girl”
06 “What I Have to Offer”
07 “This Is Where It Gets Good”
08 “After The Earthquake”
09. “Oh So Lovely”
10 “The Man”
11 “Looking Up”
12 “That’s Not Her Way”
13 “I Like the Way This Is Going”
14 “Mystery Of Life”

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