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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Album News: Ryan Adams - Blackhole, III/IV

Great news Ryan Adams fans, he's posted some interesting photos and messages on his facebook page. The first is a picture of Ryan Adams holding up two vinyl records:

Accompanied by the following message:
"Ryan Adams & The Cardinals, "III/IV" Double LP, ( unreleased and in the vault since 2006 ) fresh from the mastering plant! Also day one of demo's went great! Have A GREAT WEEKEND yall and that's an order. XX DRA"

The second message and photo:

"oh yeah, p.s. the "Blackhole" LP ( recorded over Christmas in 2005 ) is also back from the mastering plant. I f'n love this thing. It took 4 years to make it and to me it is basically Love is Hell Part 3... lots of shimmery guitar love on this. Exciting times!!!"

He also posted this on the Ryan Adams Archive forum:
"III/IV line-up
DRA, Brad Pemberton, Catherine Popper ( her last with the bad and she sings on this one a good bit ) Neal Casal ( his first with the band )Jon Graboff ( although he is not on every track he is b.a.d.a.s.s. on this- I mean, space-rock pedal steel and out of this world playing, and Jamie C is also on this playing some kickass piano and some rhodes, B-3 hammond whatever on "Dear Candy"
It's a crazy listen. 4 sides of serious old-school post-rock, post-punk American RocknRoll kinda stuff.
It sounds more like what live Cards sounded like in my opinion."

III/IV was recorded in 2006 and was mooted as the follow-up to Cold Roses, and Blackhole is one of fans' most anticipated. Mine too. Love is Hell 3? I'm sold.

No info on when and how these records will be released, but I'd expect a vinyl/digital package like the Orion LP he released last month.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you can actually download these off his website WITHOUT having to buy the vinyl!