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Friday, March 5, 2010

Album News: Clancy - Road to the Heart

Paul Clancy sadly died in February, aged 35, from a suspected heart attack. He was a fantastic musician, whose career was just about to take off. He was once part of the National Prayer Breakfast (NPB), who drew from Lou Reed and wrote brilliant rock tunes.

His solo career attempted to go in a more, relaxed direction, and he recorded a collection of ballads for his debut album Road to the Heart. They were co-written with Herm, and the album is due to be released in April on Catchy Go Go Records.

The album will be launched at a special tribute/launch gig at Moxie Studios on Pembroke Row on April 10th, and will be available online and from Road Records.

More info:

Stream 'Hope in Your Heart', the first single from the album:

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