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Monday, March 1, 2010

Watch: Jason Isbell - We've Met

Jason Isbell played a new song from his upcoming 400 Unit album last night in Fairfield, CT. He read from lyrics sheets as he was playing it, but luckily it was recorded in full. Hear it and have a watch below.

The Blue
Goddamn Lonely Love
We've Met
Rachel's Song (James McMurty cover)
The Magician
In a Razor Town
When the Well Runs Dry
Dress Blues
Soldiers Get Strange
TVA -->
Just To Know What You've Been Dreaming (Will Johnson cover)
Decoration Day

Watch Jason Isbell - 'We've Met':


Joe G said...

I was there, it was awesome! I saw him two days earlier at City WInery in NYC and he played it then to. SUch an awesome song... he played another new one at the end of the set which was good too.

I actually went up and grabbed the lyrics after the set but one of the FTC employees snagged it out of my hands just as i was going out the door, haha.

Ronan said...

Excellent. If I get the lyrics, I'll post them up here. Delighted to hear new material, can't wait for the new album.

Joe G said...


We've met, I can tell you don't remember, I can see it in your face, I should have never left this place,

We've met, before you were a christian, before your eyes turned blue, and all that gets you through,

Do you know how long I've waited,
Do you know how long I've waited,
For you...

Dream big, that's what you used to tell me, before I went away, would you say the same today,

You knew, that I couldn't work the foundry, and I wouldn't play the fool, and I wouldn't stay for you,

And the drunks all think I've made it,
And the girls all twist and shake it,
Like they do,

And my playground fears have faded,
Replaced with grown up nightmares,
come true

We've met, in another motion picture, with stained glass effigies, did it even look like me,

I bet, this town is in your blood now, but it didn't have to be, no it didn't have to be,

And I thought I found the answers, In the troubador land dancers, Brand new

Do you think i learned my lesson,
Did I make a new impression,
On you