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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Album News: Bloc Party - Intimacy

Bloc Party - Intimacy album covert art

Another case of follow in the footsteps of Radiohead/Raconteurs/NIN/whoever, with the official announcement for Bloc Party's third album Intimacy. Last night during a webchat it was announced that their new album will be available for download August 21st (this Thursday), with a physical release to come October 27th. Fans who wait for the CD/Vinyl will be treated to some extra songs.

The press release claims: "Some songs are Bloc Party at their most wildly experimental, while other tracks are simply classic Bloc Party, fitting in seamlessly amongst fan-favourites 'Helicopter', 'Banquet' and 'So Here We Are'."

I do not want new experimental stuff if their recent single 'Mercury' is anything to go by. Stick to what you're good at lads. Anyway, we'll all get to hear how good it is in just two days.

01. Ares
02. Mercury
03. Halo
04. Biko
05. Trojan Horse
06. Signs
07. One Month Off
08. Zephyrus
09. Better Than Heaven
10. Ion Square

P.S. Hopefully 'Biko' is half a cover of 'Biko Biko'!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the album art! I couldn't find a picture anywhere.


flikkerr said...


how can you review the album before you heard it?

bloc party is an experimental band and that is my favourite thing about them.silent alarm is one of my all time favourite albums but i dont want to listen to it on repeat for the rest of thier career in music.

intimacy is up to scratch and pretty cutting edge if you ask me.

the new single talons hosts one of the greatest video's in thier collection and the song is just as great as the first time you heard like eating glass.epic.

oh and that is not the official art work.the artwork for the album will be released on the 27th of october with the cd and vinyl version of the album.

we dance to the sound of the sirens.

Ronan said...

I didn't review the album. I gave a tracklist and commented on the one song I have heard.

It's always wise to start a comment with an insult. Shows class.

I do like Intimacy, it is much better than their last effort and almost as good as Silent Alarm.

And as for the artwork, I know. But it's all we have available.