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Friday, August 22, 2008

Live: The Cardinals (Ryan Adams) at the Ambassador

Ryan Adams Cardinals logo
Big big big big big news for Swear I'm Not Paul. My very own favourite musician, Ryan Adams is playing the Ambassador Theatre on November 8th. Under the guise of his band the Cardinals (with whom Ryan played an excellent National Stadium show last year), the man who releases more music in three months than MTV shows in one year is set to return to our shores to promote new album Cardinals II/IV. And I for one, am very, very excited.

Tickets are on sale next Friday, the 29th, and cost €33.60-€39.60. It's money well spent!

Pre-sale for tickets starts on Wednesday to fanclub members.


IndieLimerick said...

Hey there, just wondering about this "fan club" how can u become a member and whats the presale password drop us a line indielimerick@gmail.com, Cheers!

Ronan said...

The link on Ryan-Adams.com (or in the newsletter) doesn't work for the pre-sale unfortunately. If you find one, let me know.

Spacewolf knows the password.

Unknown said...

Lights is the password.