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Friday, February 27, 2009

Live: The Breeders at Vicar Street

Remember the Pixies? Of course you do. Remember the chick in them? Kim Deal, yeah her. If you haven't heard of her band The Breeders, who've been going for at least 20 years, I have a feeling your only knowledge of the Pixies is at the end of Fight Club. If not, you'll be stoked to hear the Breeders are back in town.

They play Vicar Street in Dublin on May 18. Tickets are €28 and are on sale now.

Watch The Breeders - 'Saints':


Jo said...

Ooo,thanks. I sort of forgotto go last time they played.

Jo said...

Hey, I just went looking for tickets. and the gigdoesn't seem to exist?

Ronan said...

My mistake. The tickets aren't on sale til this Thursday. Sorry about that!