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Monday, February 23, 2009

TV Review: Late Late Eurovision Song for Ireland Special 2009

I was offline live-blogging while watching the special edition of the Late Late Show on Friday night. So like those award ceremonies which are delayed in case someone swears profusely, becomes libellous or pulls Michael Jackson's nose off, this is essentially a delayed broadcast.

Here is what I typed:

Song 1 - Some girlband trio, with Nadine Coyle's sister in it. 'Flying' was the tune, but nothing new here. It's exactly what you'd expect from an Irish group trying to be edgy for the Eurovision.

Song 2 - rubbish Europop by a mini Amanda Brunker, Sarah Jane (maybe Laura Jane) Hudson 'Out of Control'.

Song 3 - Lee Bradshaw dismal ballad 'So What', was in RTÉ's The Restaurant, written by two guys who had a song in Song for Ireland a few years back but lost to the now legendary Gary O'Shaugnessy. I remember his name, but not the song he entered. That tells you everything. Marty pointed out that it was always a mid-tempo ballad that won it for us before. But Marty, it's years since we've won. Or even come close to winning. Something with a little more spunk is needed.

Song 4 - Johnny Brady 'Amazing'. Anything but. A flamenco feel, but far from Buena Vista Social Club. The best song so far, but not one I'd ever listen to outside of a Eurovision environment. I'd say the very repetitive chorus may appeal though.

Song 5 - Riga, Latvia this time. Close to Russia, but not Eastern Europe as the song write claims. There's no way Christina's 'I Wish I Could Pretend' could win. Not with the Irish people complaining about foreigners taking their jobs. And their beloved Eurovision entry too? Not a chance.

Song 6 - Sinead Mulvey and Black Daisy 'Et cetera' Back story about how they exchanged lyrics and music online, as well as finding the singer through MySpace. Postal Service it is not. All girl band, so has a certain charm. But God, her trousers were horrendous. The music was decent enough. Typical girlband power-pop.

No recap before the phone numbers until after the ad break. Which was a huge own goal. But probably helped song 6 win. They did recap after the ads, but most had probably voted at that stage.

The travesty of the six songs chosen was further evidenced by having Charlie McGettigan and Paul Harrington with 'Rock and Roll Kids' on after. There's a song that's still brilliant. With or without the Eurovision. A song needs to be able to stand on its own.

Oh, and just for the sake of it, here's the winner:


C. said...

With a girl from Lithuania on drums, we may have a chance!!

Paul H. Tubb said...

The songs title, Et Cetera, means 'And Other Things' And the phrase is used completely in the wrong context meaning that when it is repeated as part of the chorus it is in fact meaningless...