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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Album News: Bloc Party - Intimacy Remixed

Bloc Party are known for their remixes, some of them are pretty damn good. See all those 'Flux' ones to see what I mean. Expanding on that, they're set to release a remix album of Intimacy on May 11th. There will even be a triple vinyl limited edition. Triple vinyl?

1 Ares - Villains remix
2 Mercury - Hervé Is In Disarray remix
3 Halo - We Have Band Dub
4 Biko - Mogwai remix
5 Trojan Horse - John B remix
6 Signs - Armand Van Helden remix
7 One Month Off - Filthy Dukes remix
8 Zephyrus - Phase One remix
9 Talons - Phones RIP remix
10 Better Than Heaven - No Age remix
11 Ion Square - Banjo or Freakout remix
12 Letter To My Son - Gold Panda remix
13 Your Visits are Getting Shorter - Double D Remix

Watch 'Signs (Armand Van Helden mix)':

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