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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Album News: Seth Kauffman - Floating Action

I hadn't heard about Seth Kauffman before, but when I read this part of the press release: "Seth Kauffman returns this April 21st with his second release for Park The Van Records", I had to check it out. Park the Van Records! What a name. His new guise is under the Floating Action moniker, and the record is set to be a multi-instrumental lyrical feast. Check out the first song, '50 Lashes' if you don't believe me.

01 50 Lashes
02 Marie Claire
03 To Connect
04 Unrobbed
05 Edge of the World
06 So Vapor
07 Don’t Stop (Loving Me Now)
08 Cinder Cone
09 Cinder Cone (part II)
10 Dying Punch
11 Could You Save Me
12 Say Goodbye
13 Tide of Green
14 Pills to Grind

Floating Action - '50 lashes'

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