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Monday, March 2, 2009

Download: Mumblin' Deaf Ro - The Hero is a Graduate

Mumblin' Deaf Ro - ‘Senor, My Friend’

Mumblin' Deaf Ro are re-releasing their debut album through Indiecater for a bargain price of four euro. If you didn't get the album back in 2003, you really missed out. If you still haven't heard of them, here's a snippet from the record (the track 'The Hero is a Graduate'). The album is joyous, glorious, uplifting, and all around brilliant. Make sure you buy it. Four euro? How can you say no?

Mumblin' Deaf Ro - 'The Hero is a Graduate'



Quiz Master said...

"joyous, glorious, uplifting, and all around brilliant"

Couldn't agree more. Great background music for thinking time. Well worth the four euro, and I even got a 10% discount as an existing indiecater customer...

Ronan said...

Oh it really is a great album. I'd nearly buy a second copy at that price too!