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Friday, March 13, 2009

Watch: Pet Shop Boys - Love Etc.

Pet Shop Boys - YES

I still love the Pet Shop Boys. I just can't get enough of their 80s electronica schtick. And speaking of "love", the first single from their positively titled new album Yes is called 'Love Etc.' It's out today, and gives a teaser for the upcoming full album (out the 20th). Pet Shop Boys describe the debut single as "a post-lifestyle anthem which sounds like nothing we’ve done before." Better news is that both Johnny Marr and Owen Pallett are involved. They may be old, but they're never stale.

Love etc
All over the world
Beautiful people
Did you see me coming?
More than a dream
Building a wall
King of Rome
The way it used to be

1 comment:

Arvind said...

Eagerly looking forward to this album. The first single is brilliant