Swear I'm not Paul: Album Review: Blind Pilots - The Toys Have Gone Berserk EP

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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Album Review: Blind Pilots - The Toys Have Gone Berserk EP

First let me start by saying: I like Blind Pilots. It's for one main reason. They remind me of the late Rubyhorse, an Irish band who actually were bigger on the other side of the Atlantic than over here. So that's one reason why I want Blind Pilots to succeed over here. The second is that they make damn good music.

The Toys Have Gone Berserk is a four song EP, and my first introduction to the band. Each of the four songs is a little different, as you'd hope from an EP like this - there's nothing worse than repetition at this early stage. 'Fractured Boy' is the upbeat grinding tune, 'Seat Ga Ga' is the more relaxed atmospheric song with a gorgeous nonsense chorus, 'Stillbeats' is a straight-up pop track, and 'Jealous Hands' is the broody dark one.

All-in-all, it's a really solid collection of songs, and something to really build on for the future.

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