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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blogs What I Like: Simply Zesty

Simply Zesty banner

Simply put, Simply Zesty is one of the best blogs in Ireland. It may well be the best. Actually, it's one of the best blogs worldwide. If you're anyway interested in social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), blogging, search engines, or actually getting more from your internet experience, then this is the blog for you.

Simply Zesty is an Online PR & Social Media company, but one with a marvellous front-end to back up a similarly stellar back-end. They have many clients including telecomunications giants Vodafone, and will be running a "Future of Social Media" Conference next month. They are at the forefront of online marketing, and are a marvellous company.

But it's the blog that I keep revisiting. Full of insightful posts, ones which are incredibly useful to use bloggers, as well as those who just use twitter and facebook to chat to their mates. Some of my favourite posts are their "What is Google Wave" video, Turn Tweetdeck into a search engine, 30 Tips for Writing a Great Blog, and the Ultimate Guide to Facebook.

At the moment, Simply Zesty is Niall Harbison and Lauren Fisher. They're due to expand in the near future, and will probably expand exponentially after that. It's definitely one company I'd love to work for. But I love their blog even more.

Check it out here:

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