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Saturday, November 7, 2009

Watch: Muse, o2 Dublin, 6 November 2009

Here's as much of the show that is on youtube so far. If you missed the show, why don't you watch Muse's Irish date at Dublin's O2 Arena last night. It used to be the Point Theatre, you know? The quality varies per video, but at least it'll give you a taste of the gig last night. Do note though, I went for length of song over quality of the video!

(I'll update this with any more I see when/if they are uploaded to youtube!)

Intro & 'Uprising':

'The Resistance':

'New Born':

'Map of the Problematique':

'Supermassive Black Hole':

'Guiding Light':
(Not uploaded yet...)



'United States of Eurasia':

'Feeling Good':


'Undisclosed Desires':
(not uploaded yet)


'Plug In Baby':

'Time is Running Out':

'Unnatural Selection':

'Exogenesis Symphony Part I: Overture':
(Not uploaded yet)

'Stockholm Syndrome':

'Knights of Cydonia':

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