Swear I'm not Paul: Setlist: Bell x1, Olympia Theatre, 28 November 2009

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Setlist: Bell x1, Olympia Theatre, 28 November 2009

Setlist from the second of Bell x1's November Dublin dates. Provided by whatswiththeangel on the Bellyboard (the band's official forum). From the look of it, I think I went to the right gig. Friday's setlist looks so much better (and longer) than Saturday's!

Ribs of a Broken Umbrella
My First Born for a Song
Next to you
Bad skin day
How your Heart is Wired
The Great Defector
Man on Mir
Eve, the Apple of My Eye

Oh, and 'Snakes & Snakes' was on there somewhere too!

1 comment:

Peter N said...

Only 14 tunes? Wow! Did any of the booers from the Cat Stevens concert ask for a refund?