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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interview: Fight Like Apes

Fight Like Apes

When you get to interview a band you expect insightful answers and unique information that you're the first to find out. But when you interview Pockets from Fight Like Apes you get an entirely different kind of interview. Much more fun, and in no way serious. Damn entertaining though, and some of these answers are genius.

Firstly, thanks for taking the time out to do this. You worked your way up from releasing EPs to recording a full album,was there much difference in the processes?
Absolutely. Both E.Ps. were extremely short. The album was slightly longer. That took a while. We had to figure out how many of the E.P songs we could use on the album. It was a complex equation: backlash - laziness = album you can get away with. We also produced the shit out of it as well. We recorded everything through gold amps and instead of microphones we just rubbed money over MayKay's mouth as she sang. It was amazing.

The songs on the EPs were revamped for the album itself, are you perfectionists like that?
Sheer laziness again. Why write more songs when you already have so many to choose from? We did a lucky dip to see which songs would make the album. We´ll probably throw the ones that didn't make the cut on album number 2. We hate writing songs. It takes ages.

You released an EP in the US in 2009, what's your fanbase like over there?
We're massive in the States. It's really weird to go from such humble beginnings on the mean streets of Castleknock to be selling out Madison Square Gardens to millions of screaming fans. If you ask 4 out of 5 major rock stars where they´d like to play before they die they´ll always say Madison Square Gardens. I asked MayKay, Tom, Adrian and they said the same thing. I think Bono prefers Fibber Magee's but he's a spa.

Are you aiming to crack the entire continent of America?
Already did it. It was cool. We're focused more on cracking Glasgow. Extremely difficult city to get excited about anything other than football. Full of Scots.

And where do the names for those EPs come from?
It's another equation we´ve been working on for a while. Daft pop culture reference + lots of words = wacky title = us being your new favourite band.

You played some new tunes at the Academy recently, will those make the new album?
I hope so. God we don't want to write more. That´d take ages.

And what can you tell us about it [the new album]?
It's going to an exploration of where we are as a band at the moment. A bit more sincere, a bit more in depth. A bit like a hotdog with sellotape on it. You can eat it in one go and enjoy it but it will stick with you for a while.

You play a lot of live shows, what do you do to make each one interesting?
Sometimes we open with Something Global and sometimes we open with Digifucker. It really changes things up I feel. Sometimes Tom will tell us which song we're playing next, sometimes MayKay will veto it and throw a real spanner into the works. You never know what's gonna happen next. Its a real wack├Ż rollercoaster.

You've toured with a fine selection of indie darlings, such as Los Campesinos and Kasabian (as well as bigger acts like the Prodigy), is there any band you'd love to tour with?
I've always wanted to tour with D:ream. I heard that the keyboard player was in charge of the CERN project where they created a black hole in a laboratory. Apparently they´ve gone and built a 26 mile long tunnel underneath Europe and they fire protons along it to simulate the beginning of the universe. It was very dangerous stuff altogether. Apparently the world might have ended. I´d really love to pick his brain about this. I find it fascinating that a man that spent the mid nineties dancing in gold spandex on Top Of The Pops was put in charge of such a task. It gives me hope I suppose.

You've played Eurosonic and other festivals abroad, how do they differ from Oxegen and Electric Picnic?
It takes ages to get there usually. I hate that.

Do you pay much attention to reviews? I know there was some furore over the Indo review of your album, but what about live reviews? Do you ever read those?
My parents read our reviews. They like that sorta thing.

What is your favourite song that you have written? And one that you wished you had written?
I don't really like our music. It reeks of effort. I watched this movie Capturing The Friedmans recently and the only music they had to pay for in the entire making of it was Happy Birthday when it was sung at this paedo's birthday party. The amount of bean the lad who wrote Happy Birthday must have at this stage. Can't believe it's still in copyright. I want that one.

Do you ever get confused with the actor who sang on Kanye West's 'Golddigger'? [Pockets is known to those aforementioned parents as James Fox]
Eh no. He's black.

Now that the decade is over, can you tell me your favourite album of the 00s? And your favourite Irish album? [Spoiler Warning: An actual serious answer.]
'Apologies To The Queen Mary' by Wolf Parade. It's probably not my favourite but it's a good album nonetheless. Favourite Irish album is Giveamanakick "Is It Okay To Be Loud Jesus". I miss them. God bless them.

Do you have any resolutions for 2010?
Gonna start working out. My figure has gone to shit over the last few years. I used to be a real piece of ass but these days i just feel bloated. I'm skipping meals and as a result I'm over eating when i get the chance. Sustained exercise is key really when you think about it. I´ll just feel better in myself if I shed a few pounds. Take a few notches off the old belt, get back to the original holes if you get my meaning. When I look at my high school photos I think to myself "who does this guy think he is?" and I get really jealous of him. Fuck. I'm sorry. I just get so frustrated sometimes.

This may be my favourite interview so far. Hilarious. Loved the D:Ream comment. Totally inspired. I'll post up news about the new album as soon as I get it.

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