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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Download: Doctor Leaves - Doctor Leaves EP

Doctor Leaves EP

Reading Doctor Leaves' bio is a heartwarming experience, I'm not sure if it's the effort they put into it (it's a well-thought out extensive story of their musical lives so far), or if it's the line that begins "Between them they also have a grasp over the flute". Intentional or not, it's fun. Just like their debut EP which was released in September of 2009.

I'm only getting around to hearing it now, but it is well worth your time downloading. It was recorded last summer and has a definite summer feel. There's only two official band members: Ben Shorten and Dara Munnis, but Dara has been lending his drumsticks to many other artists for a while now, and the EP features a fine selection of the Irish Musical Who's Who. There's Ciaran and Turlough of The Chapters and Graham from the Coronas on board as well as many other names. The backing vocals of Niamh Farrell and Bairbre Munnis are gorgeous too. Just check out 'Seven Year Itch' to see what I mean (to make it handy for you, I put the video below). The catchy closing track also has one of the best titles I've heard in a long time: 'Small Fish, Small Pond'. Brilliant.

You can stream the EP in full at their MySpace (as well as other online areas), or alternatively download it for the bargain price of zero cent at their official website here. I cannot wait for a full length album from these guys.

No Step Forward
When Darkness Turns to Light
Seven Year Itch
Small Fish, Small Pond

Watch 'Seven Year Itch':

More info:
Official Website


Michael said...

Free? I'm sold!

Peter N said...

I was going to pick Doctor Leaves for our Sound of 2010. I seen Ben play a few tunes inDecember and was well impressed!

Ronan said...

Definitely should have an honourable mentions section, but I think there'd be 100s of acts then! :D