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Thursday, April 8, 2010

List: 50 Best Irish Acts Today - 2010 Edition, 50-41

Last year, Peter at 2UIBestow answered the Irish Times' list of the best Irish Acts around today with his own list. This year, he has followed that up by doing it again. Check out his list of his top 50 here, and then when you're finished, have a look at mine.

50. Ham Sandwich
The Kells band have been going for a few years, but have only started to hit the big time in the last year or so. Debut album Carry the Meek was met with great acclaim in early 2008, and a lot is expected from their follow-up.

49. Groom
Groom emerged from the alt-folk band Settler six years ago, and have gained in ability and following ever since. They take their inspirations from a variety of places, and are a live band definitely worth seeing.

48. Miss Paula Flynn
A new contender on the scene, Paula Flynn released her self-titled debut album just last October. A great lyricist and melody-writer, it is Flynn's voice that really makes her one to watch. One of the best female singers in Ireland right now.

47. Herm
If Paul Clancy were still alive, he definitely would have made this list. Kevin Connolly from Herm worked on his album, and is a fantastic musician in his own right. Their 2009 album Monsters is a great record, although somewhat disparate. However, I expect that all to calm down on the next album. Or maybe not...

46. Laura Izibor
The winner of the 2004 2fm Song Contest, a lot was expected of Izibor when she signed an adult record deal. Still only 22, she has most of her career ahead of her. And if her debut Let The Truth Be Told is anything to go by, it'll be amazing.

45. Declan De Barra
The Waterford singer-songwriter is a former member of Clann ZĂș, and uses his experiences from living in Australia and Canada to create enchanting music. A fabulous live entertainer too, DeBarra has his finger in many pies, and is one to watch on television as well as radio.

44. The Brad Pitt Light Orchestra
Listed in our Irish Sound of 2010, the Brad Pitt Light Orchestra are one of the best named bands around. Still yet to release their debut album, they're a wonderful live band, and have two gorgeous EPs under theit belts.

43. Damien Rice
The former Juniper frontman came to prominence at the start of the last decade, but took years to record a follow-up to the excellent O. We know he's capable of utter brilliance, but we could be waiting years to hear it.

42. Gemma Hayes
Gemma Hayes is one of the most underrated acts in Ireland today. She writes gorgeous Sheryl Crow-esque songs, and has a wonderful catalogue of albums. A marvellous live entertainer who should be so much bigger worldwide.

41. Henrietta Game
Another feature in the Irish Sound of 2010 poll, Henrietta Game are very new to the scene, but have already garnered much attention. Their set at Electric Picnic last year was one of the highlights of the festival, and there is so much more to come from this Limerick band.


Peter N said...

ooooo i took that groom video! They were deadly in Slane last year. Cant wait till their new album appears!

nialler9 said...

Ha! You two!

I'm currently doing up my list for sometime in the next few weeks. I doubt there'll be much crossover!

Ronan said...

Blame Peter, he started it. :D I'd say there will be a fair few similarities between mine and Peter's, but I'm excited to see what you come up with Niall.

Peter N said...

That's what is great about music from Ireland is that all 50 bloggers in Ireland could do their list and they'd all be radically different!

Except Ronan's whose going to do my list but in a different order! ..... only joking.... it's great to see a few bands I've waffled about for ages in your list!

Ronan said...

Brilliant Peter. I wouldn't say you're too far off. :D Hopefully my second instalment today will have a few names you don't have. I made sure not to look at your list when preparing mine, because I would've been Ctrl+Cing everywhere! ;)

Anonymous said...

Groom are in the Top 10ish, just saying like.