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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Album News: U2 - No Line on the Horizon

Okay, okay, No Line on the Horizon is just a rumoured title. There's nothing concrete yet. But any U2 news has to be worth mentioning right?

Some inside source says an album release date of November 18th, so the 14th in Ireland. I'm like The Sun now, "an inside source" "a friend of the star" and all that waffle they use to make up lies.

Speaking to Le Journal de Montreal, Daniel Lanois said "It's going to be different in several ways, but I think it's similar from one point of view, namely that it's going to push the known limits in the sound arena, the way Achtung Baby did in the past."

He also told RTE Radio "We're just finishing the vocals. Bono's in great form, singing fantastic. I think we can safely say it's one of the great, innovative records from U2."

Other producer Brian Eno called 'Moment of Surrender' "the best thing he's ever done with U2". High praise indeed.

Possible tracks:
'The Cedars of Lebanon'
'Moment of Surrender'
'No Line On The Horizon'
'Love is All We Have Left'
'One Bird'
'For Your Love'
'If I Could Have My Love Again'

as well as four How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb off-cuts:
'North Star'
'You Can't Give Away Your Heart'
'Lead Me In The Way I Should Go'

Loads of rumours and stories on here:

Expect some official news soon.


B said...

I had high hopes cos of Eno, but he made Coldplay's new one sound like a Disco Inferno tribute album so I'm not so sure.

With David Byrne he'll be amazing though.

"Not Paul" said...

I like the feel of the Coldplay album. Eno's a great producer, and he hasn't done a bad job alongside Lanois and Lillywhite for U2 so far.

The new David Byrne collab will be fantastic though.