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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Download: Adam Ficek - Roses Kings Castles demos

Adam who? The drummer from Babyshambles, that's who. Because I'm originally a Carlovian, I'll always have a certain liking for Babyshambles and Pete Doherty. Pete called the now-renamed Music Factory "one of his favourite venues", and the last show Babyshambles played there was the only show on the tour where the band actually turned up early!

While everyone knows about Pete's antics, the rest of the band are a pretty talented bunch. This is evidenced by drummer Adam Ficek's upcoming solo career. The album is called Roses, Kings, Castles, and will be available on September 22nd.

As for now, you can download ten unreleased demos from the official website, and also stream six preview tracks from the album proper.

And here's the wonderful 'Folk Song', just to get you started:
Roses, Kings, Castles - Folk Song

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