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Monday, August 4, 2008

Download: Lisa Hannigan - 'Lille'

Our own Today FM played the world exclusive of Lisa Hannigan's new song yesterday, it's taken from her new record Sea Sew, due out September 12th.

The singing in parts reminds me of Jonsi from Sigur Ros. And you can actually actually make out what the lyrics are. It's a lovely, floaty tune, and not as aggressive as some of her work with Damien Rice.

She's playing plenty of Irish shows before heading Stateside to support Jason Mraz (Mister A to Z) on his US tour.
4 Aug 2008 - The Thatch, Tullamore
7 Aug 2008 - Garter Lane Theatre, Waterford
8 Aug 2008 - The Belltable , Limerick
9 Aug 2008 - The Parade Tower, Kilkenny Castle
12 Aug 2008 - The Backstage Theatre, Longford
14 Aug 2008 - O’Keeffe’s, Clonmel
18 Aug 2008 - Whelans, Dublin (sold Out)
24 Aug 2008 - Dun Laoghaire Festival of World Cultures, Dun Laoghaire
30 Aug 2008 - Electric Picnic, Stradbally

This recording is taklen from Today FM and cuts off before the song ends. B from Positive Boredom will relate to me on this one, that every song that's played in a supermarket is interrupted by talking in the middle "This week's special offers are...". Is this in order to save money, as they won't have to pay the full rights for the songs because they're not playing them all, or just to annoy the staff and stop them from singing along?

And without further drivel from me, here it is (you just skipped down and read none of the text, right?).
Lisa Hannigan - Lille (on Today FM)


B said...

maybe it is to avoid paying full money for the rights! Never thought of that.

I always presumed they'd have free reign over the playlist cds they're provided with though.

Anonymous said...

I recorded this...wierd how fast it made it's way through the internet...
anyway...they played the whole song, but for some reasons the program I recorded it with was being stupid and stopped recording before the song ended...anyway, glad you're likeing it :-)

Anonymous said...

A wonderful song from a wonderful artist....I wish her everysuccess. This was on the Late Late Show as well and I hope somebody manages to get this availble for download as well.