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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Watch: Sigur Ros live at the MoMA (Museum of Modern Art)

Jackson Pollock Number 31 at Moma
You guys have got to watch this. It's a 44 minute live video of Sigur Ros playing at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, NY last night. A great venue which I visited to see the paintings a few years back. There's a great photo of me on my Bebo page standing in front of a Jackson Pollock. It's easy to dismiss Pollock as child's play, but when you see the art, it's oh so good. Just like Sigur Rós!

Sé Lest
Við spilum endalaust
Icelandic National Anthem
Inní mér syngur vitleysingur

Watch it here:

EDIT: Thanks to an Anonymous commenter for correcting my silly mistake.

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Anonymous said...

MoMA = Museum of Modern Art