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Friday, May 15, 2009

Stream: Passion Pit - Manners

One of the albums of 2009 (yes, I'm saying it already), Passion Pit's Manners is the follow-up to their excellent Chunk of Change EP from last year. Have a listen to it to see what I mean, and check my archives for some other downloads and stuff.

Stream it in full here:

Also, Wallpaper have remixed two of the tracks from Manners, which you can download here:
Passion Pit - 'The Reeling' (Wallpaper Remix)
Passion Pit - 'Sleepyhead' (Wallpaper Dio remix)

I've also got a Shuttle remix of 'The Reeling':
Passion Pit - 'The Reeling' (Shuttle Remix)

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