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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Single News: Ryan Adams - Pax.Am Digital Single No 1

Ryan Adams Pax.Am Digital Single #1

First ever "single news" post, but it's needed because the legend that is Ryan Adams will be releasing a new single tomorrow. 'Lost and Found' will be the A Side with 'Go Ahead and Ride' as the B Side. Ryan is no longer contracted to Lost Highway, so now he can do what he wants. Which may be a fantastic development. 'Lost and Found' was originally a Sad Dracula tune but has been reworked for this digital single release.

You can buy it tomorrow for $1.49 here:


JM said...

I bought it, but haven't recieved via email...anyone know how Im supposed to get it?

Ronan said...

I think you'll get an email later today about it.

hifispin said...

i have not received an email yet, I want it!

Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for mine?

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for mine.