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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Setlist: Spandau Ballet, O2 Dublin, 13 October 2009

Gold! Great news Spandau fans. They're back. And they played a new version of 'She Loved Like Diamond', which was better than ever. Last night's O2 show was a blast, and fans young and old loved all the classics.

1. To Cut A Long Story Short
2. The Freeze
3. Highly Strung
4. Only When You Leave
5. I'll Fly For You
6. How Many Lies
7. Virgin
8. She Loved Like Diamond
9. Once More
10. Round and Round
11. Man in Chains
12. With the Pride
13. Through the Barricades
14. Instinction
15. Communication
16. Lifeline
17. Paint Me Down
18. True
19. Fight for Ourselves
20. Gold

Watch a shaky clip from last night:

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Anonymous said...

You omit Chant No 1 from your running order at position 18.

More on the Blitz kids back story at