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Monday, October 12, 2009

Vote for X Factor 2009 from Ireland

I know I shouldn't be doing this. Not for legal reasons or anything like that. But for psychological reasons. If Irish people can vote for this year's X Factor, then that may amount to more votes for John and Edward. Which could be horrendous. It could be hilarious either. So I'm obliged to do this.

There's a UK company which has set up a system to allow British Telecom users (and other operators) to use their free minutes to call the X Factor lines, rather than having to pay the one-off cost. In order to fund this themselves, they're playing a fifteen second advert before you get through to vote for Lloyd or whoever. So what you get is: 15 second ad, then "Your vote for X has been counted. Thank you blah blah", and then you're done. Takes about twenty seconds all-in.

The best news however, is that this is an 03 number, which can be called from the Republic of Ireland! The contestant numbers change from night to night, so it'll differ on the night, but essentially, you ring 00-44-333 and then the rest of the number. It's pretty simple.

For example, last weekend had John and Edward as ninth out, making them 09. Their number was then: 00-44-333-666-9809

So, next weekend, and for every future weekend, to vote from Ireland, you just call:
00-44-333-666-98 and then the two digits for the act. Handy.

This all costs 35c a minute on Eircom and 30c a minute from BT landlines. Probably about a euro from your mobile. But you'll be only on for twenty seconds any way.

Good luck voting!

Here's the company who runs the service, if you want more info:


Anonymous said...

I used it over the weekend and it worked fine... Good on them!!

The Noises In Our Heads said...

Yay! nice find :)

Anonymous said...

I tryed it over the weekend to vote for olly but it doesn't work no more... :(