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Monday, November 23, 2009

Review: X Factor 2009 Live Finals Week 7

It was George Michael and Wham week this week on X Factor. But sadly Week 7 was the last week for the Irish twins. Sniff. Boo. :( Worst week in Irish history? I think so. :P

Anyhow, on Saturday night, Lloyd Daniels was first up with 'Faith', but was as terrible as he always is. He got a new look this week via a new haircut. It does suit him and make him look better, but sadly it doesn't improve his voice. If he stays in next week, I'll go mental. Although that said, JEdward's fans could well switch over to him. He's the closest in age and talent.

Stacey Solomon warbled her way through 'I Can't Make You Love Me', and she can't. I never will like her. But I must comment on the awfulness of her Group song costume. My dear Jesus, horrid.

Next up was John and Edward in their last ever Saturday performance. They sang 'I'm Your Man' and jumped from a high scaffolding. That was about the only entertaining bit this week. They weren't as funny as any other week, but sadly we'll never get to see them rise to the top again. They were on This Morning this morning (ha), you can watch them here:

Danyl Johnson was poor again singing 'Carless Whisper' and failed to find any groove. We know he has it, remember his first audition? But it's long disappeared. Simon promises to get it back next week though. Come on Stella!

Olly Murs sang 'Fastlove' and it also was his worst performance so far. However, Olly is a fantastic singer, and will be back on top again next week. I doubt he'll be in the bottom two next week either. People may have thought that he was safe and didn't phone in. He has to be more liked than Danyl!

Last up was Joe McElderry singing 'Don't Let the Sun Go Down on Me'. He was the best by miles this weekend, and is rightly the current favourite. Plus he got a standing ovation from all four judges. John and Edward never got that. Alas.

The group song this week was 'Wake Me Up Before You Go Go' and was phenomenally cheesy. I actually thought that was the song teh Grimes twins might have sang this week. Alas no.

Celebrities on it this week were George Mich...oh no wait, he wasn't here. Wonder why they didn't have Mariah week or SuBo week? Susan Boyle was great but I thought she performed 'Wild Horses' much better on America's Got Talent or American Idol (whichever one she was on) a few weeks back. Her debut album is out this week.

As is Mariah's debut album. She sang her new cover of 'I Want to Know What Love Is' and was as screechy as always. The Foreigner version is a million times better!

It was the end of the road for Jedward as they sang 'No Matter What' by Boyzone. They finally got a chance to sing properly, but it was too little too late, and only their mentor, Louis saved them.

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