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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Download: John Mayer - Edge of Desire live

'Edge of Desire' is one of the standout tracks from John Mayer's recent album Battle Studies (Uncut gave it 4 stars, you know!) As a way of thanking all his fans for buying it (and sending it to #1 in the States), John has recorded a live version of the song in his apartment, complete with his phone going off in the background. It's a lovely version of the song, and can be downloaded from his blog, one forty plus.

John Mayer - 'Edge of Desire' live


john wall said...

I really enjoyed Battle Studies, and Half of My Heart and Perfectly Lonely are stellar tracks. This is some of John's best work yet!

Unknown said...

can't download EoD live version anymore. :( anyone willing to email? or did JM intend for it to be limited time only?