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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Download: Small Black - Despicable Dogs

Small Black is the latest addition to the Jagjaguwar stable, and are set to release an extended version of their 2009 breakout Small Black EP. There's two new tracks on the EP, 'Kings of Animals' and 'Baby Bird Pt. 2', but the real hit is still the excellent 'Despicable Dogs'. The remastered EP comes out April 27th.

1. Despicable Dogs
2. Weird Machines
3. Bad Lover
4. Pleasant Experience
5. Lady in the Wires
6. Kings of Animals
7. Baby Bird, Pt. 2

Small Black - 'Despicable Dogs'


flynnduism said...

Nice find - really enjoying these folks!

Ronan said...

Yeah, they're pretty decent.