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Friday, February 12, 2010

Cancelled: Mika Tuesday Olympia Theatre

Mika has cancelled his second date at the Olympia Theatre. He was due to play next Tuesday, the 16th, but now will only be playing one of two scheduled shows.

Here is the (terrible) excuse he gave:
"I am thrilled and honoured to be nominated for best Male at the Brits. I’m really sorry to cancel the second Dublin sow but I have to take this opportunity to attend the awards. I apologise to all my Irish fans that I can’t see on the 16th, but I am looking forward to being in Dublin on the 15th."

There's still tickets available for Monday, and you can exchange Tuesday's for them, or alternatively get a full refund from point of purchase.

There's more chance of me winning than Mika. Granted, nobody in his category is any great shakes, but Calvin Harris, Dizzee Rascal, Paolo Nutini, and Robbie Williams are all better options. This year, they should've just had two Best Female categories.


Dannie Flintan said...

thats horrid he is great!!! he had to cancel to get the awards. how would u like iit if u had to choose to perform to an audience that caould see u another time or take the rare experience of getting a award that you have been waiting all your life to get. you even put down the likes of robbie williams, calvin harris, dizzee rascal and paolo nuitini. i'd like to ee u do better than them call me when you are famous doubt you'll even need my number. they are better and more succesful than you because they work hard for it. GET OVER IT dont put others down because they are better than u

Dannie Flintan said...

to be nominated for the brits is a one in a lifetime oppitunity he might never get that chance egain but he can reschedule his show it doesn't matter that he cancelled. just to rub it in : I SAW HIM DO HIS LAST SHOW IN ENGLAND LAST NIGHT AND IT WAS BRILLIANT HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

Ronan said...

Get what awards? He was never going to win. He cancelled for the second night because there weren't enough tickets sold. Simple as that.