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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Stream: She and Him - Volume Two

she and him - volume two

She and Him release the follow-up to their enchanting debut Volume One on March 23rd. Luckily with all this interweb mumbo-jumbo, you can have a listen to it a week in advance on NPR. They've got the full album streaming over on the site, and while Volume Two hasn't hit me the same way the first one did, it's still a lovely little record.



IndieLimerick said...

hey dude, congrats on the shortlist nomination http://awards.ie/blogawards/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this. Been waiting for this for ages.

Ronan said...

You're welcome. Hope it lives up to the hype for you!

Ronan said...

IL: Thanks very much. Hopefully I can make the next round. Might have to bribe a few judges! :D