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Monday, March 15, 2010

Watch: The National - High Violet songs

Three new songs were debuted from the National at Bell House on Saturday night. Although there's no tracklist for High Violet yet, expect these new tunes to appear on the album when it's released on May 11th. the three songs played were 'Little Faith (Chrome Horse)', 'Sorrow', and 'Anyone's Ghost'. From these, 'Sorrow' is the best for me, but all sound great and provide yet another little teaser for what is sure to be a wonderful album.

Watch The National - 'Little Faith (Chrome Horse)':

Watch The National - 'Sorrow':

Watch The National - 'Anyone's Ghost':


Steve said...

That third track is the standout for me. Can't wait for the album.

Ronan said...

They're all pretty good. That's a third of the album (at least) we've heard now anyway.

Todd said...