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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Album News: Brandon Flowers - Flamingo

While I'm not the biggest Killers fan (I thought they were awful when they played Oxegen a few years back - the year before the headlined it, I think), I can appreciate the music they make and Brandon Flowers' swagger as a frontman. Thus my ears pricked up a little when I heard news of his debut solo album. The biggest selling point for me though is the fact that it's being produced by legendary Daniel Lanois (who worked on some of U2's finest records as well as having an impressive if underrated solo career). Pop producer Brendan O'Brian is also on board, so it should be a great pop-rock record.

Confirmed Tracks (not even a quarter of a Tracklist):
Hard Enough
Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas

In the new issue of NME Magazine, Flowers gives an in-depth interview about the upcoming solo album, and how he wished it was a Killers record. Have a full read of the article by clicking on the picture below...

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