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Monday, July 28, 2008

Album News: The Verve - Forth Tracktimes

Not really news as such, but track lengths for the new Verve album. This serves two purposes: one it shows that there are really no out-and-out singles, this is an album as an album is meant to be. And two, you'll know you don't have the right think when you download a leak from a backalley vendor!

Sit and Wonder - 6:52
Love is Noise - 5:29
Rather Be - 5:38
Judas - 6:19
Numbness - 6:35
I See Houses - 5:37
Noise Epic - 8:14
Valium Skies - 4:34
Columbo - 7:30
Appalachian Skies - 7:34

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