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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Live: The Killers at The Academy

I hope you haven't spent 70-something quid on the Killers at Marley Park, but if you have, say "hi" to my girlfriend. She's the sexy one.

Ah no, if you've bought tickets for the Marley park gig, you'll also get to see Bloc Party, who released a splendid album a couple of years ago. And hopefully they'll play a good tune or two from the new record (not that 'Mercury' nonsense).

The night before they play Marley Park, however, the Killers will play a special intimate gig at The Academy - that's August 20th, so pretty damn soon. Tickets are €44.20 and go on sale this Friday, August 1st.

Expect to hear new songs from their as-yet-unnamed upcoming album, of which two 'Spaceman' (not a Babylon Zoo cover) and 'Neon Tiger' made their debuts in Las Vegas last night.

As for now, here's them covering Dire Straits' 'Romeo and Juliet':

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