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Friday, August 1, 2008

Album News: The Vines - Melodia

The Vines
The Vines have announced a release date for their upcoming album, titled 'Melodia'. Nice little title it has. Reminds me of the way my Dad calls an accordian a "melodian". Yeah, I'm strange sometimes.

The album is due for official release October 6th in the UK, and October 3rd over here. American citizens can buy a digital copy of the album from iTunes now, but for now we can listen to it free online.

Stream the album in full on their MySpace:

'Get Out'
'He's A Rocker'
'Orange Amber'
'True As The Night'
'Kara Jayne'
'A Girl I Know'
'She Is Gone'


B said...

Who needs a new Vines album?

Ahe said...

No one needs a music album. Except its maker.