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Friday, August 1, 2008

Live: Prom Night at the Roost

While not as big as say, Coldplay at the O2 Point, Prom Night at the Roost is just as important. A local Kildare lady has organised an extravaganza at the Roost DiscoBar in Maynooth, of which the like you've never seen before. Well, you have seen it. On My Super Sweet 16, and back in the days of your own Debs or Grad Ball. Anyhow, Prom Night has been set up to attempt to raise €10,000 for Breast Cancer Research.

The Press Release for the event states:

Sunday 24th August....A night to remember.

Miss your debs?? Get too drunk and barely remember it? Want to relive happy memories??

Prom night needs you!! Girls get your fancy dresses on, boys fancy suits please! Nothing better than a bit of fancy drinking! Slow sets, alcoholic punch (Oh yes) and fun times all around.

Yes it is cheesy, yes it is a little camp but it's all in aid of a good cause.

Tickets on sale!!! €15 each. All for a GOOD CAUSE!! Bebo mail me to reserve!!!!

The DJ for the night will be the excellent Paul White, who has kindly given his services to the event free of charge. A huge heart that man has. Although you can't see it, because it's covered by this tie:
Piano Tie

For more details, and to buy your ticket see:

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