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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Album News: Jazzman - Chicago

Most of you probably don't know Keith Meicher, but he makes damn good music. It's not available in shops, and only to close personal friends (i.e. those on a big forum on the interwebs somewhere), but his latest (third album), is the brilliant follow-up to the best instrumental record of 2007, Brass Knuckle Shuffle.

His new album is dedicated to the memory of his bandmate and personal friend, drummer Corin Fallow, and is yet another triumph.

Track titles vary from obscure to extreme, but are as endlessly entertaining as the music:
1. The Atomic Ribeye Sausage with Chimichurri and Crispy Fried Onions
2. An Open Letter to Perry Farrell and The Honorable Richard M. Daley (Please Keep Your Rock Music and Black People Out of My Park)
3. The Self-Sufficient Act of Selling Tube Socks On the EL (Six Pairs for a Dollar)
4. November 19th: The Last Day of Summer
5. Ode to the Pink Haired Barista (Michigan and Superior)
6. Late Night Memoir of a Ride on the #50 Bus
7. Oh My Ears! The Clang of Construction, The Death of a Dream, Seventy Five Stories of Stories!
8. Please Put Your Shirt Back On (Wrigleyville Whore)
9. The War Against the Morse Open Air Drug Market

Plus, isn't that the best album cover of the year?

(Hopefully I can get permission to post an mp3 of one of these excellent tunes)

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