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Monday, October 27, 2008

Album News: Common - Universal mind Control

Finally, a release date for an album that was meant to be here months ago. Common's follow-up to Finding Forever (which wasn't a patch on Be), will be released December 9th, and will be called Universal Mind Control.

As you can see from the tracklist, Kanye, Cee-Lo, and Pharrell all appear. Strangely enough, all are known by their first names. When I say "Ronan", people just think "Ronan Keating". That's never good.

"Universal Mind Control"
"Punch Drunk Love" featuring Kanye West
"Make My Day" featuring Cee-Lo Green
"Sex 4 Sugar"
"Announcement" featuring Pharrell Williams
"What a World"

'Real People' on Letterman:

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